I’m Grace Burton-Edwards, a priest from the Diocese of Atlanta, rector at St. Thomas in Columbus, Georgia since 2014, served in Diocese of Indianapolis before that. I started this blog to reflect on General Convention 2015. Keeping it up to continue to reflect on the life and work of the Episcopal Church. My husband Taylor serves as Director of Worship Resources for the United Methodist Church, and I was originally ordained in the American Baptist Church in 1994. I love the Episcopal Church, but more than that love the gospel we proclaim through our worship and witness.



  1. Can you please tell me if anyone from your church visits inside the medical section of Jackson I have a wonderful friend who needs you there.


  2. Hello, Grace! I’m beginning to catch up with emails missed during the move of our convent from Augusta, GA to North Augusta, SC (Diocese of Upper South Carolina). We’re just across the Savannah River from our previous location in the Diocese of Georgia.


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